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The Hindustan College of Arts & Science was founded by our founder Dr. K.C.G. Verghese in the year 1995.  It is a unit of Hindustan Group of Institutions, affiliated to the University of Madras and is accorded the Minority Status by National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Govt. of India. The College offers 15 Under Graduate, 7 Post Graduate courses and 2 M.Phil Research programmes 
Started as a Centre of excellence in Applied Sciences and Arts, the College was Accredited by NAAC with ‘B’ grade in the academic year 2012 – 2013.  It has well –equipped laboratories for Electronics and Communication Science, Computer Science, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Entomology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Multimedia, Audio and Television production, Drawing and Graphic Design, Edit suite and Photography. 
Hindustan College of Arts & Science has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from China, Nepal, Bhutan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Oman and from other states in India, and has been selected by the University of Madras to conduct regular NSS programs.
There are over 100 qualified faculty members with NET / SLET or Ph.D.  Some are Post – Doctorate Fellows dedicated to research activities in their respective departments.
  • To provide our students with the best in the fields of Life Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Studies, Electronic and Communication Science and Media Studies.
  • To inculcate a global outlook into our students, making them competent, skillful, professionasl, always willing to take up challenges and cultivating leadership qualities.
  • To mold our students into God-fearing, patriotic citizens of high character and calibre so as to fulfill their obligations to family, society and the nation.  
  • To develop the overall character and personality of our students and mould them into good citizens of integrity and morality for nation building.
  • To provide appropriate guidance for students in their quest for higher knowledge.
  • To provide excellent laboratory and infrastructure facilities, meeting standards as laid down by the government.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which students can realize their fullest intellectual potential through discipline, spiritual values, and dedicated hard work.
  • To promote institution–industry interaction, providing professional counselling and ensuring placements for our students in meeting their career related challenges.

Code of Ethics

Human Values and Professional Ethics

Code of conduct for students:

  • Students should wear their College Identity cards always and any violation will be viewed seriously.
  •  No students should leave the College campus during College hours without gate pass signed by the respective HOD.
  •  Loitering inside the campus during working hours is strictly prohibited.
  •  Students are expected to write the tests and do the assignments given in each subject during the month.
  •  The college maintains absolute discipline and any student violating the rules of college is liable to severe penalty, including expulsion from the college.
  •  Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any certificate or refund of fee and deposits.
  •  Any student found responsible for any damage to the college building, furniture or equipments will be punished severely and the cost of damage along with the fine will be recovered. The college reserves the right to expel such students.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from organizing or attending any unauthorized meetings in the college or collecting money for any purpose without the prior written permission of the Principal.
  • Organized absence from classes and instigation of students to absent themselves or to go on strike is a serious breach of discipline and may result in expulsion from the college.
  • Students should refrain from organizing unions or associations under the banner of political parties, caste, colour, language, nationality or political ideology within the campus.
  • Students should conduct themselves at all times in a fitting manner so as to bring credit to themselves and to the college.
  • Students should observe the safety regulations of the laboratories and should maintain cleanliness in the same.
  • Students should maintain peace and decorum in the campus.
  • Students are expected to be punctual and must be present in the class by 9.10 am.
  •  Powered bikes and motorcycles equipped with fancy horns are prohibited in the campus.
  •  Vehicles of any kind brought into the campus will be parked only in the spaces allotted by the college administration.
  •  Modest dress code on all regular working days :

          Girls : Pants/Jeans with shirts/T-shirts without any writings, Churidhars & Sarees.

          Boys : Pants/Jeans with shirts/T-shirts with collar and without any writings.

          Footwear: Sandals or Shoes only permitted.

  • Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs etc. are strictly prohibited and severe disciplinary action will be taken against delinquents.
  •  Avoid bringing costly items.
The students should report to the College office whenever he/she changes residence. Failure to report within three days will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline.

  • Use of mobile phones, i-pods etc. are not permitted in the campus.
  • Severe action will be taken against those students who are found using phones inside the campus, including confiscation of the device.
  • Thecollege has constituted an Anti Ragging Committee (ARC) comprising of Principal /Vice-Principal 
    / Student Representatives / Senior Faculty / Foreign Student Advisor.
  • The college has also Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) comprising of VicePrincipal, Deans and HODs of all departments, who assist in maintaining discipline.
  • ARC/ DAC functions to oversee and maintain discipline on campus, in the buses and in the hostel premises.
Whoever directly or indirectly commits,participates in, abets or propagates “ragging” inside or outside any educational institution shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to Rs.20,000/-

Any student convicted of an offence under Section-1 shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.


  • Should adhere to the conditions of the contract and give prior notice before resignation.
  • Teachers should not take leave, keeping in view their responsibility for completion of academic schedule except in unavoidable circumstances.
  • Reachers should be in regular touch with parents of thestudents and to meet them periodically to discuss student's performance and growth.
  • Regardless of the student's religion, caste, political, economic, social and physical characteristics, teachers should deal with them impartially.
  • Reachers should also refrain from inciting students against other students, colleagues or administration.
  • Treat other members of the profession in the same manner as they themselves wish to be3 treated.
  • Should respect otherteachers and render assistance for professional betterment.


  • To have the best interest of the college at all times.
  • To discharge one's duties without partiality.
  • To be loyal to the institution.

Core values of the Institution


1. Academic Excellence


The College pursues academic excellence in its teaching, learning and research, to server the local, national and international communities. As an institution, we seek to model and impart to our students, the highest standards of knowledge, inquiry, academic freedom and integrity, as well as an expanded sense of the potentiality of the individual. Every community benefits from individuals who have been taught to pursue excellence. Therfore, the sucessful Christian institution must be committed to academic excellence, maximizing each student's potential, in order to prepare them for achieving future sucess and reaching their God-given potential.

2. Service

The College embraces the Christian moral and social tradition by its commitment to server with compassion, to foster peace and to work for justice. The College regards peace as inseparable from justice and advances education, scholarship and service to fashion a more humane world. The institution is commited to creating a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community accentuated by a spirit of freedom and charity, and marked by protection of the rights and dignity of every individual. The institution values students, faculty and staff from different backgrounds and faith traditions and is committed to creating an atmosphere of trust, safety and respect in a community characterized by a rich diversity of people and ideas.

3. Unity in Diversity

We value and promote the expression of all aspects of diversity. We maintain a campus culture that welcomes diversity of class, color, creed and prepares students to become effective citizens in a pluralistic society. Unity in diversity focuses on the existence of unity inspite of cultural, social, physical, linguistic, religious, political, ideological, psychological differences.

4. Innovations

Encouraging spontaneous interation between staff and students, creating time for informal get together, keep the young minds motivated.

Campus Address

Hindustan College of Arts & Science
Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
Padur, Kelembakkam, (OMR)
Chennai - 603 103.
Ph: + 044-2747 4671 / 2747 5249
Fax: + 044-2747 4013

Kerala Admission Office


3rd Floor, V Zone Building, 
Parayanchery , Mavoor Road, 
Calicut - 673016.
Ph: 9495559049

2nd Floor, B J Towers, 
Rajaji Road, Kochi - 682035.
Ph: 9495559049


No:115/1, 2nd Floor, Kamaraj Avenue,
2nd street, Adyar,
Chennai - 600 020.
Ph: + 044-244 69 714 / 244 69 715
Email: hcasadmin@gmail.com



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